oh sweet friday // vol 15

1. oh that smile!
2. sunset/evening run
3. i got my bluum box!  {more on that, later}
4. another afternoon run.  {trying to shed stubborn baby weight!}
5. paid someone to take z’s photo and the pics turned out to be a disaster – horrible editing by the photographer, wish i could show you.  {this one was shot with my iphone.}  and ps. that ugly table-cloth is not mine!
6. ladybug feet!

from around the web:

yoyo.com – love this site for gift ideas + 20% off melissa & doug!

how freaking cool is this?!

just ordered and invited this to my next arm party.

i’m discovering so many awesome, inspiring bloggers!  check out my new fave.
{jenny, you are so dope.}

so happy it’s the weekend, aren’t you?
got anything fun planned?

my plans include:  thai food for dinner tonight {!}, a clothing/jewelry party tomorrow, a little guy’s 1st bday celebration, a farmer’s market outing, laundry, quality time with the mister and miss z and maybe a trip to the local flea market…

have a good one!


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2 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 15

  1. I’m not a mom yet but I was a live in nanny for the past year and FEEL like I’m a mom to those precious twin girls. Your little one is tooo sweet! Love the post about all the fun things baby brings!

  2. Ah! Penny has those same lady bug feet jammies. Congrats on your bundle! I’ve been doing some crazy bootcamp classes and weight watchers to get the baby weight off and 4 1/2 months later i’m almost there. 5 lbs to go! Futureindie will be more interesting once i get all my clothes back on! All the best to you Paige.

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