baby in hoodie

haha!  so cute.  mark says you can see the fear in her eyes as she’s slumping over.  i think the look on her face is classic!  even the last photo is full of character – she raises her eyebrows in question just like her daddy does – almost as if to say, “are you kidding me that that just happened?”  i love it!

baby in hoodie is my new fave thing…must get more hoodies!


ps.  in case you missed it – i updated the shop with vintage goodies.  check it out!


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5 thoughts on “baby in hoodie

  1. Absolutely LOVE these pics Paige!!! To To Funny!!! It looks as if she’s saying WTF is goin on! Help me Mister Wizard!!!! ;)

  2. Hilarious! And just sooo cute Paige!
    I have so many “little-baby-slumped-over-all-dressed-up-photos” from my two…what can I say…I like playing dress up with them just as much as I like playing it myself!

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