a plethora of things

today is my dad’s birthday.
happy birthday, dad!!


and then this happened.

zoey had two poopy diapers during her early morning feeding, so i placed them outside of her room, with the intention of throwing them away before heading back to bed.


after putting her down, i shuffled back to bed in a zombie-like state, neglecting the soiled diapers…
now typically, zoey and i get up with the boys…i make coffee, scramble up some eggs and we see the boys off.  but this morning i needed more sleep.  the boys were on their own.
about 15 mins after the guys left, i woke up to the sounds of a hungry baby.  i come out of the bedroom and i’m met with two dirty diapers in the hallway…
then it dawns on me – oh yeah, i left these here.
and then something else dawns on me – not one, but two people walked past these diapers and neither thought to pick them up and throw them away?!
how freaking ridiculous is that?!
my nostrils flared and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.
i mean…can ya help a mama out and just pick them up and throw them away?
i’m not decorating the hallway with dirty diapers.  and i’m quite certain your arms aren’t broken and that your eyesight is okay.

so i’m leaving them there.
i’ll let you know what happens.


now on to something fun!

more new items in the shop.


last, but not least…

this precious girl is 8 weeks old, today.

{she loves baths, hates getting out.}

have a great day, friends!


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15 thoughts on “a plethora of things

  1. hahahaha!!!! i love this!! that’s the kind of thing that would happen in my house. not because my boys are mean, but because they are a little clueless sometimes. it wouldn’t actually occur to them to do anything about it and frankly, they probably would never even notice two dirty diapers on the floor. i call that looking with ‘man eyes.’ it’s an epidemic, i tell you.

      • HAHA! “man eyes!” i will be stealing this from you, amanda. SO TRUE! on my end, Mark often will be looking for something, will whine about not being able to find it, and the *second* i go to look for it, LOW AND BEHOLD it is EXACLY where i said it would be. every. single. time. he just cant see with them man eyes.

        besides cupboard doors, they also fail to put dishes in the dishwasher. which is RIGHT NEXT TO THE SINK!

        man rant over! ;)

      • Paige, Are you still holding out?

        Sam will point out when I’m messy all the time, but he constantly does the exact same thing in my house. He will also not rinse off his plate and put it in the sink. Who does that? Who leaves a plate on the counter first off and then doesn’t rinse it off? Crazy.

        But… I still love him, even if he is completely clueless.

    • yep! they’re still sitting there. i am practicing self control. the anal retentive constant cleaner {in me} is having a major fit and may need a glass of wine this evening. ;)

  2. i love that you’re leaving them there! i do the same thing with my husband. like, no i will not pick up your nasty towel or the dog’s chew toy that i always pick up. sometimes a little passive aggression is necessary :)


  3. Did they ever pick ’em up? My honey goes in spurts with picking up after himself. Somedays, the beer cans are immediately in the recycling bin… other times, not. But I try not to pick up after him.

    TRY. :)

    Love your blog!

    • hi sybil! thanks for reading! and yes, he did pick them up…later that evening, when he got home from work. my husband AND my son agreed that they didn’t see them. my son went so far as to suggest that they weren’t there at all! like i was the crazy one! ugh…men. ;)

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