treat yo self 2011

who else watches parks and recreation?

it is, hands down, my fave comedy tv show.
the cast/characters are brilliant {love me some ron swanson.} and the writing is phenomenal.

the title of this post comes from a recent episode of p & r.
if you don’t know about treat yo self 2011 … i encourage you to click this link.

{what the clip doesn’t show you is their shopping trip – hysterical!}
UPDATE!  click here for more!

so anyway, since watching that ep, mark and i have used the term treat yo self to justify all of our recent {un}necessary purchases…

overpriced vintage tooled leather bag?  treat yo self!
in n out twice in one week?  treat yo self!
a chimenea for the patio?  treat yo self!
hex bracelet?  treat yo self!
{too} many glasses of wine last week?  treat yo self!

you really must watch that clip.  otherwise, it’s probably not funny.

about the vintage bag in this photo – i was telling mark how cool these bags are and to keep an eye out while we went thrifting last weekend.  well…he found this one and bought it for me!  isn’t it so dope??  i love it.  what a sweet mister, huh?  i’m not allowed to sell it in the shop, nor do i want to!  but just in case you were wondering or hoping…the answer is – sorry charlies.  cuz it’s treat yo self 2011!  and this one is for mama.

i also treated mah self to a hex bracelet {thanks fawn!  i love it!} and the ivory cuff {another sweet thrift find!} that i’m wearing in these photos.

and now i must go treat baby z to some cuddles and a warm bath…she got her first set of shots today.  *sad face*  she did pretty well, but still…shots are no fun!

oh!  and it’s my sweet, beautiful mother ‘s birthday, today!!!
happy birthday, mama!  looooove youuuuu.

ps.  it’s treat yo self tuesday.


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top – local boutique
jeans – hudson via nordstrom
mocs – minnetonka via nordstrom
cuff/bracelet – thrift find/see above
necklace – rose bowl flea market


6 thoughts on “treat yo self 2011

  1. happy birthday Paige’s mama!
    I feel like i havent commented in a while but im still hear reading and smiling at your posts. I think I actually have some tooled leather bags I need to list. [what’s with this thing called a day job? its getting in the way of everything else!]

    and you look adorable, im too lazy to click the link but is p&r the show with that guy who plays Red in pineapple express? cuz if it is, LOVE him. if it’s not … then ignore me. haha

    miss ya lady. need to figure out when i’m coming to visit you guys this winter. [eeeek]

    • no worries! i rarely have time to read blogs these days, but i get over to yours as often as possible. get those tooled leather bags in the shop! ;) miss you too! you’re welcome to visit any time. and if we can plan another girl’s trip to tahoe, that would be rad, too.

  2. Would you believe I have never watched P&R until this year? I LOVE that it’s based in Indiana! The characters are so funny – Ron and April are my favorite.

    And I am DEFINITELY treating myself tomorrow. :)

  3. OMG I can NOT stop saying “Treat. Yo. SELFF.” DAMN, I hope they give us more of the amazing comedy stylings of Tom + Donna. They are hilarious together. ANYWAY, jealous of your bag. But I’m glad you justified it with a hilarious TV one-liner.

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