9 to 5’er

sad news:  i’m going back to work on december 12th.

and although it seems like i have  so much time left as a stay at home mama…i feel like the end of that dream is just a few days away!  which means i’m that much closer to putting away my sweats and revamping my wardrobe to a more profesh level.
most of my work pants still don’t fit, so i’ve been brainstorming work appropriate looks like crazy…
{but they will fit again…mark. my. words.}

i think the above outfit totally encompasses a back to work mama – loose pants, a warm sweater for chilly office temps, and heels for a little extra “lift.”  walking in them will be a different story…i haven’t worn heels in months!  hopefully i don’t end my first day back with a sprained ankle and a trip to the ER.

now i must get back to stay at home mommy things.  you know…drinking coffee, doing massive loads of laundry, vacuuming and of course – bad daytime tv.
{baby is sleeping.}

oh btw…happy halloween, friends!


peach shell – vintage
sweater – the friendly fox {formerly little ocean annie}
belt – for sale in my shop!
pants – target
heels – forever 21


9 thoughts on “9 to 5’er

  1. LOVE the sweater! It totally makes the outfit! Might I suggest lots of skirts? With that kind of weather, you can get away with those, minus the tights. I’ll be very jealous come December!

    Which incidentally is still very far away. Like, almost forever away. We have to get through ALL of November, including Thanksgiving, which is a crazy holiday. Plus Dec. 12 is almost in the middle of the month and then it’s Christmas! So you still have lots and lots of time left to be with your adorable girl. :) (Are your kids dressing up as anything, btw? Post pics and send my baby fever into overdrive.)

    • ahh, catherine – my voice of logic and reason – thank you! i suppose you’re right, but geez…it really does seem like it’s so close! i don’t want to leave my little girl in the hands of a stranger. i’ve been through this before, with my son, but it’s different now. i’m not 21 anymore, i’m older and throwing more caution into the wind. as for clothing – yes! lots of work outfits planned around midi skirts. didn’t you know? i was the queen of midi skirts last year…BEFORE they became so…stylish. ;) heh!

  2. I kind of can’t imagine having to go back to work after meeting and falling in love with a tiny angel. I have a hard enough time on Sunday nights and I’m a bum with a cat. ;)

    You look just lovely! I had to catch up on all the posts and photos and love and excitement and it just made my weekend. xxxx from over here!


    • right?! carey…it’s breaking my heart! thanks for getting caught up…i need to have a marathon reading on your blog, as well – all that wine and anthropologie…it’s calling my name!

  3. I love this outfit Paige! The sweater is just heavenly, and you look beautiful as always. A truly gorgeous work look!! Aw, it’s amazing how time fly’s… best of luck with going to back to work, girly! xo veronika

    • awww…thanks, Rachel! and you’re right…there are a few things to look forward to – adult conversations/interaction, a break from baby cries, showering and doing my hair on a regular basis…haha! it’s the little things. ;)

  4. Oh I feel your pain, Paige!! I have 11 more days (tears)!!! I’m starting to have mini panic attacks, but you’re right, it will feel good to get back into a groove.

    This outfit is adorable! I started to put together some work outfits (mostly seeing which of my dress pants are fitting…that would be only 3 pairs…) I’ll have to borrow this idea! Love that belt!

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