oh sweet friday // vol 17

my fave photos of the week.

link love…

*diy leg warmers?!  just another reason to love this girl.

*obsessed.  and coming to my mailbox once a month.
{btw…where have i been?!  under a rock, i guess.}

*interesting {?} article about mom bloggers via huffington post parents.  thoughts, anyone??

*zoey’s first vintage – coming to the blog soon!

*found a reason to get serious about learning to sew…right. here.
i have a vintage case that is perfect for the job!

so yeah, it’s been quiet on the blog front the last few days…just needed a little break from the computer.  i have about 400 blog posts sitting in my queue, waiting to be read.  {do some of you post 2 or 3 times a day?!  crazies.}  i don’t like missing out on everyone’s fall outfits, halloween shenanigans, recipes, diy’s and whatnot…but i needed to spend a few days doing other things…like napping.  and showering.  and getting fresh air.

amazing what a little vitamin d can do.

happy friday!


ps.  have you checked out the shop, lately?  just saying…


11 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 17

    • seriously. i kinda want to wear them all the time. they glow in the dark. i bought them from hot topic {a place i never shop at, but needed neon items for taylor’s school dance.}

  1. Not to spill the beans, but Zoey’s 2nd vintage will be on the way tomorrow…..!
    Thank you so much for the scarves ~ I ADORE them! I was going to wait and email you tomorrow after Zoey’s package is on the way to thank you and send a little teaser but the cat’s out of the bag now!!!!
    Thanks again ~ beyond sweet and thoughtful!

    • i’m so so glad you like the scarves! they reminded me of you. :) super excited to get the package! thanks so much. you didn’t have to do that, you know!

  2. interesting mom blogger article. i do think mom’s enjoy those blogs because of the anonymity. sometimes we don’t want our friends knowing about our parenting shortfalls. we want to act like we have it all together and that our kids are perfect. and there are just tons more i could say about it but then i’d probs crash your site with my monster comment :) but thanks for the legwarmer link. you are too sweet!!!

  3. Ooh I’m going to have to check out that mom blogger article. I have a fascination with mom blogs (I think I like reading them better than fashion blogs…shh!) so I’m curious to see what that article is about.

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