milkin’ it.

{cutest cry baby, ever!}

so guess what?

i have super powers.

last week, i noticed that zoey’s right eye went from watering occasionally to watering several times a day and producing a yellowish goop.

i didn’t panic {cuz i’m not that mom}, but i did call the doctor’s office to get some advice.  i was most concerned that she had an allergy or maybe a cold.
when the nurse called me back, she suggested two things:

1.  place a warm compress near her tear duct {it may be clogged} and literally press and push on the sinus area to work the gunk out of her eye.

*ewwwww.  but okay.

2.  soak a cotton ball with breast milk and squeeze a few drops into her eye.


then she told me to call back on friday if it didn’t clear up.

when i hung up the phone, i stared at zoey for a moment and really considered the idea.  and you know what?  i was oddly excited about this breast milk in the eye thing.   all of a sudden i felt very important…like i had healing powers.  but it made sense – my breast milk is like a magic potion for baby – full of nutrients that help baby grow and rich with antibodies that help fight infection and build a super strong immune system.

so i did it.  i pumped some milk and squeezed a few drops in her eye.  i did this 4-5 times a day for two days.  did it help?  eh.  we ended up going to see the doctor on friday.  she confirmed that zoey wasn’t sick and that her eye was free from scratches.  and yes, more than likely it’s a clogged tear duct.  most of the time, this happens within a few weeks or birth, but zoey didn’t get that memo.  dr told me to keep doing what i’m doing…that’ll it get better in time.

i’m still putting breast milk in her eye and i have to say – it does appear to be clearing up a bit.

in fact, next time taylor falls off his bike or something and scrapes his knee – forget the alcohol swabs – i’m putting breast milk on it.
{yeah right!  he would freak out at the mere suggestion.}

but maybe we’re on to something here..

papercut?  breast milk.
sunburn?  breast milk.
athlete’s foot?  breast milk.
got a gnarly pimple?  breast milk.
have a headache?  rub some breast milk on your temples.

of course, i’m kidding.

but i’d still like to think that i have super powers.

{if only i could get her to take a bottle!}

ps.  taylor is home sick today.  do you think i should replace the nyquil with a shot of bm?  kidding!


*i say ew because snot and eye boogers totally gross me out.  give me a dirty diaper or spit up any day.  you can keep the goo that comes out of kid’s faces.


19 thoughts on “milkin’ it.

  1. HAHAHAHA. Gross.

    But seriously, Iris has a blocked tear duct too. Every time it flares up, I still think she’s getting sick. I finally got the doctor to give me a stockpile of drops so I’m not taking her in every.single.time.

    They say it will clear up by the time she’s one. Did they tell you that too?

    • now that you mention it sarah…yes, i do think the doctor mentioned that it could last til she’s a year old.
      drops? you get drops? no one said anything about drops. just bm. !!
      what are these drops you speak of?

  2. serious swimmers and waterpolo players will drop milk in their eyes to alleviate the brutal sting of chlorine post practice/game!

  3. You’d be like the dad in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”: “Put some breast milk on it.” :)

    I have to say the tags alone for this post made me smile. Nice to know you don’t need anything except what your body produces to heal your adorable baby!

  4. Hahaha, so funny! It`s a weird combination of awkwardness and excitement.

    When I was breastfeeding my little one, I used it to for her dry skin…. I felt like a supergirl…

    It should have a superhero name….like…Miss Milkyway or the Super MilkMaid!
    Love this story!

    • my question is…why isn’t someone bottling this stuff up and selling it?! ;) {kidding}
      thanks for stopping by, ingeli. i always love hearing from you.

  5. Supermama! I have a friend who swears by breast milk, she squirted it in her husband’s ear when he had an infection. I think that is super cool of you to be open minded and give it a try~ why not!?!

    • niccole! i’ve been meaning to email you! how’ve you been? i’m not on fb anymore, but i’d really like to keep in touch. thanks for visiting the blog. :)

  6. Breast milk IS filled with super healing powers! Julia had this red bump by her eye that wasn’t going away…tried some mommy milk and within a few days it was gone. I’ve even heard of some sports players (football maybe??) that drink breast milk…no idea where they get it from, but supposedly it keeps them extra healthy…um…yeah.

  7. The idea of you putting breast milk on taylor makes me crack up. would it be pre-pumped into a sorta spray bottle? eye dropper? or just squirted straight from the boob?
    hahaha mental pictures are making me die a little.

  8. i’m guessing someone mentioned this already, but breast milk totally works for ear infections, too! i know they suggest putting it in some kind of dropper, but i was always too lazy for that and just squirted right in their ears!

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