in her shoes

at only 11 weeks old, little zoey wren has a more impressive shoe collection than i do.


these little vintage cowgirl boots just kill me.  i can imagine her running around with reckless abandon – in only a diaper, these old boots on her feet, food on her face, squealing with laughter.
i cant wait for those moments.
{they were a baby shower gift from this dear, dear friend.}

ah.  another fave.  i already have an outfit in mind…
these mocs, dark baby skinny jeans, a striped tee or onesie, and a little sweater cardi.
she should have enough hair at that point to put in a little pebbles pony on the very top of her head.
are you imagining?
so. cute.
{these amazeballs mocs were a gift from my favorite vintage selling friend.}

…runs around in her cowgirl boots, then gets all gussied up in her stuart weitzman’s.
a tomboy who knows how to be a lady.
my kinda girl.
{a baby shower gift from jaimee.  thanks, lady.  you are so cool.}

everyone needs a pair of pink kicks.
i can’t remember who gave these to us!
{i feel bad about it.}

adorable, right?
my bff {since hs} sent these to zoey.
i believe they were handmade – purchased at a flea market or a craft fair in australia.
{thanks, bec!  you are so thoughtful and always give the best gifts!}

and so starts my little lady’s shoe collection…


6 thoughts on “in her shoes

  1. omg they are all so cute! I have to admit… tho i may be biased… that the pink ones from jaimee are my faves.
    i love how cute and tiny all these shoes on. so much easier than storing all our size 6-ish shoes ;)

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