me time

what a week.
my oldest was home sick monday, tuesday, and wednesday.  poor guy.
not to sound selfish, but being home with two kids doesn’t allow for much “me time”.
and when i say “me time”, what i mean is – time to shower, throw on a little make up, do my hair, get dressed in something other than sweats, etc.
i can’t imagine having two little ones.  at least taylor is at the age where he’s somewhat self sufficient.
so today…now that he’s back to school and zoey is snoozing in her swing…i managed to squeeze in a little “me time.”

i played around in my closet, got dressed, covered up a pimple and concealed the dark circles.  know what i mean?
this is one of my favorite sweaters, bee tea dubs.  i’ve had it forever.  i think it’s cute with this little strapless dress.
{ps.  i apologize if my white legs are blinding you…they don’t get out much.}

now that i’ve indulged myself {ha!}, i must get to work marking things off my TO DO list…
bake pumpkin bread
fold laundry
pay some bills
maybe list a few items in the shop
go for a walk…

and of course…cuddle baby.
{she’s 11 weeks old today!}

happy almost weekend, peeps!


sweater – nordstrom
dress – local boutique
mocs – minnetonka via nordstrom


9 thoughts on “me time

  1. Cute skirt. :)

    The other day, we had a disastrous night. Roscoe got all muddy right at Iris’ bed time, so they both needed baths, to be fed, and put to sleep. Trev got Iris ready and I bathed Rosc, which meant I got SOAKED. So when he was clean and Iris was getting her bottle, I stripped down TOTALLY NAKED to wipe all of the dog hair out of the bathtub and clean up the mess from giving him a bath.

    And as I was scrubbing the tub in the nude, I thought to myself, “Ahh, it’s nice to have some alone time.”

    • Sarah! Haha! I’m glad you got some me time. :) One of the reasons I like doing the dishes is because I get to totally check out for 10 or 15 minutes. It used to be an annoying chore. Now its Me Time.

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  2. me time is sooooooo essential. oh man. i’d probs burst into flames if i didn’t get a few moments to myself every day. i love how you spent your me time today. and boy howdy do i love me some mixed patterns right now!!!!

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