operation: bottle

hey friends, it’s just me…writing a post from MY PHONE! i’m so 2011. today, i’ve been banished from the house because we’re on a mission to get zoey to eat from a bottle. she is not interested. i like to pretend that she’s just a tad snobby and has a very discerning palate. and that’s fine, but I have to go back to work in a month and my boobies won’t be at her beck and call. cue…bottle. mark is home, waiting for the babe to awake with a ferocious appetite, all of our saturday chores finished very early so that he could focus on shoving a fake nip in her mouth. but these babies, they’re smart. they KNOW. and if she could talk, she’d cock her head to the side, hold up a finger and say to daddy, “oh haaaaaiiiiiil no, fool. where’s mommy?” {who knows where she gets that attitude?} anyway, everything we read says that mama bear needs to leave the house. so i did. thus far…i went to the post office, got my brows waxed and got a mani/pedi. so here I sit in the parking lot, floppy yellow pedicure sandals on my feet. thinking about going into target, grabbing a solo lunch, and maybe hitting up the mall. I’m not allowed home until i’m told it’s ok. sigh. suddenly, i’m given all this free time, me time, baby cries-free time. but all I wanna do is be home with my hubby and the kids. life. ain’t it funny? finger’s crossed she takes that bottle…but something tells me she’s giving her daddy a hell of a time. 

seriously, i’m going into target like this.


9 thoughts on “operation: bottle

  1. Oh I always feel like this. I have some free time away and all I think about it what is going on at home! But good for you–try, try to enjoy today! Come on, Zoey! Give your mommy a break!

  2. i think every mom is the same… we yearn for alone time but as soon as we get it we want our babies back!
    glad she took the bottle so you could return home (after getting some thrifting done!)

  3. Ahh, I remember the days of bottles and counting ounces. When I nanny-ed twins I literally wrote down every ounce they drank until they were a year old! Sounds like it all worked out well for you and your hubby though. :) Babies have such a funny way of letting things turn out fine, on their terms. And time clock! Wear those yellow flip flops proudly. Mommy’s deserve some solo time. xoxo

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