i curled my hair and wore earrings,

we met a friend for lunch,

i bought a new fedora,

zoey laughed at me when i nibbled on her toes,

my computer stayed in “sleep mode” until after dinner,

and i’m fitting into my skinny jeans.

ahem…my pre pregnancy skinny jeans.


ps.  i apologize for the horrible stucco background.  i’m working on a new backdrop.

sweater – frock stock
jeans – local boutique
boots – ?
bag – vintage/thrift


20 thoughts on “today.

    • yes. i love reading, but lately i’ve been choosing other things…i’m hoping to get a lot of reading done on the airplane (in a week!)
      ps. i was very proud of myself for ignoring the compter all day. ;)

  1. You look fabulous! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful day — sometimes it really is the little things, isn’t it?

    • it totally is the little things…esp these days. you know exactly what i mean, i am sure. ;)
      btw…we had a great night, last night! i’m planning to email you back…hopefully today!

  2. LOVE – your outfits posts Paige!! And yay – how exciting that you are fitting into your skinny jeans again! Also, have I told you how much I love your hair?! Oh my gosh, well I do!! It’s the most beautiful colour -ever, and I love it all curled! Have a great week lovely, lady! xo veronika

    • hey V! thanks! yeah, i kinda miss posting daily outfits. now that i have a new camera (a really good one!), i’m pumped to use it!
      as for my curls…they didn’t hold long…bummer!

  3. you look amazing girl! have you tried the sock bun curls? your hair is long enough and you wouldn’t hac=ve to use any heat…

    yay for fitting into those jeans…i feel like that’s a milestone for all us new mamas!

  4. Oh my gosh – you are so cute. And so much more put-together than me these days (I’ve got a 4-month-old and feel like I am in the depths of style-HELL lately!) I just found you through My Little Loves and love your shop. You’ve got a new follower :)
    xo -Kristina
    p.s. I’ve got a lil kids vintage shop over on etsy you might like:

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