12 weeks

baby girl is 12 weeks old today.
she’s wearing vintage baby pants.  her first piece of vintage clothing.  {from this cool mama‘s etsy shop.}
cute, huh?
i was hoping to get a few photos of her adorable little smile, but every time i put a camera in her face, the party stops.  i think she’s camera-shy.
i also think she’s going through a growth spurt.  all she wants to do is sleep.  {i’m not complaining, trust me.}  this afternoon, i was pumped to have a mini photo shoot.  she woke up from her nap, i changed her diaper, fed her and then we headed upstairs to take pics…but she wasn’t having it.  i got a few shots and then her crotchety old man face came out and baby wails ensued.  i fed her a little more, swaddled her up, placed her in her swing and just. like. that…she fell asleep.

here’s what she’s up to these days…

*laughing.  but only in the morning.  i guess i’m only funny at the beginning of the day.
*she’s so alert!  and she can see us from the across the room, now.  i find myself ducking out of her eyesight or peeking at her from around the door.  those little eyes…they’re always watching…
*latching/unlatching on her own.  she abuses my nips like she owns them.  i suppose she does.  but once upon a time they were mine!  anyway, she’ll nurse for a few minutes, unlatch, look at me, smile, look around a bit, smile at me again, then go back to eating.  it’s pretty comical.
*flirting.  yep…already.  when she wakes up from a nap, she gives me {or daddy} big cheesy grins, often burying her head in the side of her bassinet, and then giving us a {very coy} side grin.
*unswaddling herself.  a regular houdini, this one.
*she’s finally taking a bottle, but only from daddy.  it’s now part of our evening routine – baby and daddy get to bond and mommy gets a little freedom.
*she’s found her hands and loves putting them in her mouth.  self soothing is alright by me!

she is seriously the sweetest thing.  i can’t get enough of her chubby thighs and soft, round cheeks.

so in love!


12 thoughts on “12 weeks

  1. awwww… she is so stinking adorable! and the pants are amazing on her! thank you again, i really appreciate your business! and i appreciate you linking up to my store too! xo

  2. So cute! And seriously, I think your Z and my A are practically the same baby. Aida does all the same things Zoe does. She’s the happiest in the morning (EARLY in the morning, as in 5am), she flirts and plays shy with everyone, she’s constantly taking herself off the boob to look up at me a smile (SO sweet. It melts my heart), and she’s all about her hands. Hard to believe they’ll be 3 months old next week, huh?

  3. no, april, i can’t believe it!! 3 months old…where does the time go?
    i like it that we have baby girls that are the same age…email me anytime if you wanna chat about baby or need to vent. ;)

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