soggy sunday

it was rainy in socal today.

i ventured out to run a few quick errands, forgot my umbrella-ella-ella and got soaked.

then i stood in the rain to get a good foot photo for instagram.  {why? because my followers want to see my rain splattered boots artfully photographed with a filter and magnifying feature.  duh.}


i returned home to a sweet baby who needed feeding…and also to relieve herself…explosively.  yes, she had her 1st up the back, out the sides, explosive poopy diaper.  i didn’t realize i was patting poo until my hand was damp and i looked down to see the mustard colored stain on her brand new {white} footie jammies.

i called for daddy, who ran upstairs in a hurry and then stopped dead in his tracks when he saw what happened.  needless to say, he was totally disgusted and grossed out.  i just laughed, told him to snap a few photos {of course}, and then suggested we give our little shit a bath.

{adventures in baby shitting.}

ah, parenthood.  surprises around every corner.

…but that face…makes it all okay.


7 thoughts on “soggy sunday

  1. Aw, yes that face definitley makes up for it. Haha, love that you stood in the rain to get a great instagram photo – oh the things we bloggers will do get a great photo. Hope your week is lovely, Paige. xo V

    ps – wore the skirt all weekend, my new fave!! :)

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