this maxi has been with me from the very beginning of my pregnancy.  it covered my baby bump at its largest and kept me cool during the hottest days of summer.  and now, even on a chilly day like today…it works!
i threw on a cardi to keep my arms warm and added a scarf for a little pop of color.
i love it when summer clothes can be “winterized”.
oh and the hat…to hide my unwashed hair.  yikes.

anyway, so guess what??

in just two days, mark and zoey and i will be on a plane to illinois…yay!
{unfortunately, taylor will not be joining us.  he’s with his dad this thanksgiving.}
we’re very excited to get away…to visit with family, meet up with friends, eat some turkey, maybe squeeze in a few naps, show off our new baby girl…
can’t wait!
that being said, i’m going to {try to} limit my time on the internet and “disconnect”, if you will.
but don’t worry…there will be no crickets on this blog!
i’ve arranged for guest bloggers to entertain you while i’m away.
so please…be nice readers and give my guests {some of who you may already know!} love and attention.

thank you!

{ps.  if i don’t get a chance to post tomorrow…happy thanksgiving!}

maxi – target
cardi – local boutique
scarf – urban outfitters
hat – nordstrom
coach purse – vintage, thrift


12 thoughts on “winterized

  1. Have a wonderful trip! So excited to hear how it goes (baby + plane = too much for me at this point), and hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  2. I’m glad you’re getting to take a mini vaca to see your family! Wish we could meet up while you’re in, but I’m sure you’ll be super busy! Have fun…but message me if you need a break!

  3. it kinda makes me jealous today that this is your winterized outfit! haha.
    add another sweater, a jacket, maybe a second scarf, leggings, leg warmers, mocassins, a hat and maybe some ski goggles and it would be my winter outfit ;)

    enjoy ur trip mama!

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