friends of bf+v

 what is friends of bf+v?

quite simply, it’s a way for you to promote your blog or small business, here on barefoot & vintage!
…minus the monthly fee!

why advertise on bf+v?

why not?!  it’s free!
but here are the stats…
*198 followers via bloglovin’
*134 followers via twitter
*6,000 to 7,000 page views per month
…and those numbers are growing!

what will you get out of it?

more page views?  more sales in your shop?  new friends?
possibly all of the above!
not only that, but every other friday, in my “oh sweet friday” post, i will do a weekly round-up/short recap of what you or your shop has been up to!
for example – maybe you’re having a sale in your shop…
or maybe you have a diy project on your blog and you want to share it!
giveaways/discount codes will be an option, as well.

why aren’t i charging a monthly fee? and…am i crazy?!

no, i’m not crazy!
i just know that i’m not quite ready to live up to all the responsibilities that go along with having sponsors.
i’m heading back to work in a couple of weeks and although i plan to post nearly every day, that may not be a reality.
also, i want to support my friends and small businesses!
bottomline – i don’t want to let anyone down.  especially if i take your money.
so for now…ad space on bf+v is free!

if you’re interested in this opportunity, please email your 200 x 200 ad/button to
obviously i have limited space, so ads will be chosen on a first come, first served basis.

ps.  you may or may not have noticed our first friend…
katie of desert gypsy mama!
she has a new vintage clothing shop on etsy – check it out!


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