Guest Post: Rebecca of Howd.i.y.

hello lovelies!
the fam and i are headed to IL to visit friends and family for the thanksgiving holiday…yay!
i have lined up a few fabulous bloggers {and friends} to keep you entertained in my absence.
to kick things off, today’s guest blogger is rebecca of howd.i.y.

hola fellow bf+v readers…

a little bit about me
my name is rebecca.
i live in australia.
i do digital marketing.
i work in the music biz.
i attend an obscene amount of concerts.
i’m obsessed w/ all things craft.
i’m a tech geek (& former product of silicon valley).

i grew up with our dear friend paige back in the corn fields of illinois. while i disliked the chick when I first met her, by 18 we’d been voted “best friends” by our classmates and we were inseparable. we were fearless + fun individuals.

flash forward 13+ years and we are still the best of buds, now just living 8000 miles apart. due to the distance – we treasure texts, emails, phone calls & our yearly visits. i love this girl dearly.

as paige has mentioned before, i run a little craft blog called ‘howd.i.y.‘ (pronounced like the synonym for “hello”) where i post about diy, craft, handmade, local & design. in addition to my blog, i also have a little etsy shop called ‘everybutton‘ where I make bracelets, earrings, rings, etc… out of new + vintage buttons .

when asked if i’d do a guest post while paige is back visiting our homeland, i figured the topic of fashion+diy was a must.
sound good to you all?

when it comes to style, i’ve gone through my fair share of trends, dos & do nots. however – for the past 7 or so years, i’ve stayed pretty consistent to my bohemian, rustic and comfy style. the staple item in my closet is undoubtedly a pair of frye campus boots that i purchased new in 2005. i c.a.n.n.o.t. live without these bad boys. (pic: my move to AU in 2009 + the boots i love).

being a lover of frye, today’s post was a natural must (as the project was recently demoed at their flagship store).

before we get started, how many of you have heard of ‘p.s. – I made this…‘? if you didn’t raise your hand, brace yourself because it’s fashion diy goodness. ‘p.s. – i made this…’ is a blog (and now book) created by erica domesek which features easy & creative fashion you can make at home. ‘designer diy’ as she calls it. and today’s post is just that!

inspired by the frye shop in NYC, this project takes a cord + some leather to a whole new level… outfit changing in fact.

check out this o.p.p. (other people’s projects) below…

found @ p.s. – i made this…
what: leather necklace


for more projects like this, check out

thx for reading!

until next time,
rebecca x

bec, great post! thanks so much for filling in.
i must admit {as i hang my head low}, that i’ve never heard of p.s. – i made this…
i’m excited to check it out!
and her book is a great gift idea!
for more awesome d.i.y ideas – visit the howd.i.y blog
and don’t forget to visit rebecca’s etsy shop – everybutton
{tons of cute items!}



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