wish wish wish

wish wish wish
so here it is…my wishlist for santa.  it was created using polyvore.  which is a pretty cool site, but way too time consuming for my liking.  i think i wasted an hour putting this together.  not only that, but i wasn’t able to add the two things i want most this year…
world peace and a tight ass.
what are you wishing for this christmas?
ps.  today’s original guest blogger had to back out at the last-minute.  luckily i had time to pre-schedule this post, before we left.

5 thoughts on “wish wish wish

  1. I’ve tried Polyvore too – fun, but I couldn’t find a lot of low-end brands which really ruined the whole thing for me. I’ve found Picasa collages are much easier to make, though still a little time-consuming since you have to find the photos, save them and then drag them around.

    I do love those blue jeans though!

  2. Love the list…I’ll take one of each too…especially the tight ass! I was reminded yesterday (via baby somethingorother newsletter) that expect 9 months or more to get back to prebaby body…and sometimes it might not return! *sigh* Looks like no cookies and dessert for me this christmas…

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