Guest Post: Bekah of My Little Loves

hello lovelies!
the fam and i are currently in IL visiting friends and family for the thanksgiving holiday…yay!
i have lined up a few fabulous bloggers {and friends} to keep you entertained in my absence.
today’s guest blogger is bekah of my little loves.


Hello everyone! I’m Bekah, I write over at My little loves.

Christmas will be here soon as I’m sure you all noticed–decorations have been out since October.Now, I adore Christmas. I spend quite a bit of time picking out the perfect presents, decorating and doing “Christmasy” things, but this year I have been disappointed with the amount of marketing geared towards getting us to break our banks and neglect what Christmas is about–Family.I don’t want my daughters to be subject to this marketing. I don’t want them equating buying “stuff” with happiness, I don’t want them reducing a joyous celebration to boxes and bows,  and I certainly don’t want our family falling prey to what so many American families do–debt. I want to simplify. To me Christmas is the heart of simple living, a focus on others, giving, spending quality time together, and enjoyingyour time with loved ones, rather than rushing onto the next thing.I ran across thisarticle and this bit stood out to me:“Studies show that traditions are quite important to family happiness. In fact, family rituals encourage children’s social development and boost feelings of family cohesiveness by 17%. They help provide connection and predictability, which people–especially children–crave. Without traditions, holidays don’t feel much different from ordinary life. And they’re a lot of fun.”
After reading this, I became inspired to start our own traditions and I am thrilled and eager to start a more meaningful Christmas season with my little family this year! 

We came up with a few ideas and I’ve listed them here for you:
-25 Days of Christmas.
Rather than giving gifts or candy, we are going to have experiences planned.
Kicking it all off with decorating the tree on the first, we will, in the following days, do everything from bread-dough ornaments to hot chocolate and classic Christmas movies.
-Christmas Eve Pajamas.
This is actually something we have done since our first Christmas. 
On Christmas Eve, the girls will get to unwrap their new pajamas to sleep in, and exchange gifts in the following morning. We always try to buy second-hand, from etsy, or from local shops, always choosing to spend our money wisely and responsibly.
-Christmas Eve Ornament.
Each year we purchase ornaments that remind us of one another, and exchange them on Christmas Eve.

This year we are going to focus on homemade gifts, and, thanks to pinterest, I am not lacking in ideas.
I am so excited about this season! I am ready to set this time aside to slow down and enjoy my family.
Heres to a simpler, merrier Christmas.
bekah, thank you so much for sharing this meaningful post.
we all need a gentle reminder, every now and again, of what christmas is all about.
and i love your suggestions for family traditions.
i think the 25 days of christmas is brilliant!
to learn more about bekah and her beautiful family – visit my little loves.
and that’s a wrap, my friends.
i hope you enjoyed my guests!
i’ll get back to regular posting as soon as we’re home and settled. 

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