IL – day one {travel day}

i’m back!
i hope you enjoyed my guests.  if you missed their awesome posts, click here —–> rebecca, laura, amanda, bekah !
and again, thank you so much ladies.  i appreciate your help.


we had a great time in il!  it was so nice to hang out with our families, relax a little bit, and eat lots of yummy food.  zoey ended up being a really good traveler and of course…everyone loves her!
it was hard to leave all that love.  but i guess it wasn’t so hard to leave the cold weather!  brrrrrr.

i took lots of great photos of our trip and i’d like to share some with you!

day one.

 *mark sent me this {check list} a couple days before we left.  i had tears in my eyes, i was laughing so hard.

 *packing for miss z.  she had so much stuff!  {some of it’s not shown.}  luckily, baby clothes are tiny and don’t take up too much room.  

 *good bye l.a. {i love how this photo turned out.  kinda wanna frame it.}

 *somewhere between california and illinois

 *we made it!  i snapped this photo as we waited, outside, to be picked up.  poor little thing…i think the colder weather was a shock to her system!  her face reads – WTF?!

we arrived in chicago around 830 {i think}.  we stopped for a late dinner and headed to mark’s parent’s house.  after visiting with family and chit chatting a bit, we put zoey to bed and hit the sack.  it was a long day, that’s for sure!  but so worth it to be “home.”

day two {thanksgiving} coming soon…


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