family photo day

today we had family photos taken!  i usually do it around this time of year because we send a photo and a christmas card to family and friends.  i’ve used the same photographer since taylor was an infant.  in fact, it was at this very same park, when taylor was only 8 months old and just learning to stand on his own, that kim snapped a photo of a naked taylor…standing on an adirondack chair.  seems like it was just yesterday!  ah, he’s getting so old.  anyway, for the last 10 years, it’s just been taylor and i, but this shoot was extra special – my family is growing!  new husband, new baby…so exciting.  can’t wait to see how the photos turned out.

   until then, i took a few of my own.  here’s a little sneaky peek…

{photos were taken with my iphone.}

blouse/hudson denim – nordstrom
blazer – UO {i got it on mega sale}
shoes – old navy


16 thoughts on “family photo day

  1. you look stunning! that blazer is the perfect fit and color for you. i think it’s no neat that you have had family photos taken every year. what a great way to document life’s changes…and additions! :) can’t wait to see the photo shoot! xo

    • awwww…thank you, amanda! it’s amazing what kind of compliments curling my hair gets!! ;) so excited to see the photos…it was so windy though!

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