IL – day two {thanksgiving}

thanksgiving was spent with mark’s family – his sister {she’s pregnant!}, her husband, great grandma, and of course mark’s parents.  we enjoyed a very relaxing day – comfy clothes and easy going conversations.  thanksgiving dinner lunch was delicious and the pumpkin pie was amazing!  zoey was a little cranky, as she was adjusting to a new time zone and different surroundings, but by day three – she was once again, our perfect little angel.

our perfect little angel who was dressed to the thanksgiving nines!  …turkeys on her clothing, “mommy’s little turkey” on her socks, and an “i’m thankful for daddy” bib.  oh yes…every inch of her chubby little body was covered in turkeys.

  and how cute is she…eyeing daddy’s pumpkin pie?!

it was a really great day…and we are so thankful that were able to spend it with family.

get caught up!  day one

day three coming soon!


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