IL – day three + day four

day three.

day three – black friday.
we were up at the crack of dawn, yes…but not to elbow our way through hoardes of people trying to get the best deal on blenders and other “door busters”.  nope, we were up tending to baby zoey…who turned 3 months old on black friday!  yay!
{confession:  last year, mark and i got up at 3 am and headed to urban outfitters, where we scored so many awesome deals.  sale items were 50% off for a limited time and we took full advantage.  and then i went to work for a 1/2 day.  and then i came home and crashed.  shopping on black friday is no joke.}

this year, we had lunch {and beer!} with the family and then made our way to a few stores.  i can’t say that i scored the best deals, but we got a few goodies.

unlike most etsy sellers, i didn’t have a black friday, small business saturday, or cyber monday sale in my shop…but right now, i’m offering 30% off at barefoot & vintage on etsy thru december 16th!!  take advantage while you can!


day four.

blogger meet-up!

on saturday afternoon, i had the pleasure of meeting up with lisa and merl.  merl and i go way back – we met for the first time last summer and then spent a weekend in tahoe last february {along with christina, amanda, emily, and zoe – hi girls, if you’re reading!} in celebration of my birthday.  but meeting lisa was a first!  i was so excited to see these lovely gals and have a few hours of “me” time…girl talk, lunch, thrifting…it was quick, but fun!  merl was her sassy, adorable self and lisa was laid back and friendly – it felt like i was hanging out with girls i’ve known my whole life.  thanks for driving all that way ladies!  p.s.  i’m sorry that i can’t read a map and that we drove all over town.

anyway, merl shot several photos of the baby {before daddy took her home}, but these are the only photos we took of us together…i love the one of zoey munching on auntie merl’s finger…ha!

oh and those shoes….vintage.  too big for me.  pouting.  putting them in the shop.  interested?  let me know.  they’re so dope – a cross between a pair of cowboy boots and a heel.

up next…day five – when we head a couple of hours south to visit my family!

get caught up!  day one.  day two.


7 thoughts on “IL – day three + day four

  1. my favorite quote of the day, Merl: “paige, is it a left or a right?” P: “yes.” hahahaha. im so happy we finally met face to face, even if it was brief! it was a first….but definitely not a last meeting! xoxoxo

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