IL – day five

day five.

we headed two hours south to visit my family for a couple of days…

a rainy drive // my mom’s house // bandit // eating food from my fave hometown restaurant // 4 generations – my mom, my grandma, zoey, me

zoey got to meet her great grandparents and my stepdad’s family, too!  oh how i wished we lived closer…i miss my family!
it was so nice to see everyone.

  day one.  day two.  day three + day four.

more to come…


5 thoughts on “IL – day five

  1. Wow what a strong resemblance between your grandma you and your mom! Wowee. I never looked like my mom (though she looked like her mom). BUT, baby Violet is the spitting image of baby me! So there should be some mom/daughter resemblance with us! I wonder if your daughter will take after you? Does she all ready? Feel free to totally not answer these questions! :-D ps. your little girl is SO CUTE!

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