zoey wren – 15 weeks


infatuated with her hands
sucks on her fist, but is starting to favor two fingers
blows raspberries with her mouth
drools constantly
grabs for things and holds on to them {new thing just this week!!}
smiles at objects and people who aren’t her mommy and/or daddy
giggles when tickled
no longer cries when getting out of the bath
puts herself to sleep without fussing
is, in fact, on somewhat of a routine
has been sleeping for longer stretches at night – 5 to 6 hours !!
seems to know her name {is that even possible at her age?}

i’m headed back to work on monday.  zoey is going to a childcare facility {on a part-time basis} until jan 3rd.
today, we toured the place and met her potential caregivers.  i cried.  everyone seemed nice and more than qualified…i’m just not ready to hand the babe over…


no matter what, she’s amazing and i absolutely adore her.  being away from my little miss will ensure that our time spent together is never taken for granted.  unless of course, she’s teething and crying her face off or not sleeping at night…in that case, i’ll hand her over to daddy and find a way to escape.

wink, wink

i can’t believe i have a 3 month old!  where has the time gone?!


7 thoughts on “zoey wren – 15 weeks

  1. can’t believe i didn’t see this…good luck with the back to work situation. it can be really hard and good, all at the same time. i totally, totally get it.


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