unexpected things

first of all…  THANK YOU!  …for all of your kind words of encouragement, shared stories, and overall awesomeness.  although yesterday was difficult and emotionally taxing…reading your comments was certainly uplifting!  i received the reassurance i asked for and then some.

and guess what?  today was so good!  the morning went a little easier, i didn’t cry when i dropped baby off at daycare, i felt confident at work {it’s hard getting back into the swing of things!}…and when i picked her up at noon she was sleeping!  the sitter had nothing but positive things to say – zoey took two great naps, ate all 4 oz of milk, seemed very curious about the other babies… and to top it off, she kept mentioning that z is “so smart and alert.”  {well duh.}  i felt so proud.  and relieved.
so yeah.  whew.

know what else?  i’m loving getting dressed for work.  i haven’t been able to wear most of my clothing for 9+ months!
it’s like i have a new wardrobe.
{my bank account is cheering, too.}

blouse, skirt, blazer – UO
tights, pumps – ?


11 thoughts on “unexpected things

  1. My goodness Paige, you look amazingly beautiful in all of these photos!! And I swear – I’m obsessed with your hair, it’s just perfection + the outfit is so, so lovely! Yay, great to hear that things went better with Zoe today too. Although I’m not a mom yet, I can sympathize with how hard yesterday must have been. Have a great night! xo veronika

  2. yay!!!!!!!!!! so glad yesterday was better. what a relief! and i can totally tell you’re loving getting dressed these days. you look beautiful, confident, and happy :)

  3. You look gorgeous lady! Each day will continue to get easier! And it is fun to get dressed for work again, isn’t it??! btw that pink blazer looks amazing with your skin tone and hair!

  4. Hi Paige,

    You look like a goddess! Now go conquer the world!

    Seems like your hair grown 3 inches overnight…or maybe I didn`t pay enough attention ;-)


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