best sweater EVAR

the weather was cold and dreary today, giving me the perfect excuse to wear this super cozy, oversized sweater.
it just so happens that it was a gift from my friend jaimee, who actually re-made it from a 70’s version that i found at the rose bowl flea market.
read the original post here – such a cool story!

so, we got our christmas shopping done today!!  …minus a few online purchases that still need to be made.  it feels so good to be finished!  nothing like waiting til the last minute.  although, this is actually quite early for me!  i’ve been known to do my shopping a day or two before christmas!  what about you, do you wait til the last minute?

anyway, the rest of our evening will be spent wrapping, drinking brandy and egg nog and watching a christmas movie or two…planes trains and automobiles is on our list.  it may not be the typical christmas flick, but man is it a good one.  also a big fan of home alone and love actually.  oh and elf!  … so many good ones!

have a cozy evening, friends.

ps.  tomorrow i’ll be announcing a giveaway…courtesy of yours truly.

sweater – split, c/o of jaimee
tee – borrowed from hubby
leggings, boots – ??


14 thoughts on “best sweater EVAR

  1. The sweater is absolutely lovely & so cute paired with those cozy boots!! As for Xmas shopping, yup I’m super last minute – but I’m a total power shopper & get in done in record time!! ;) Enjoy your evening it sounds splendid, and I love all of the above mentioned movies too. Yay! xo veronika

  2. I love that sweater. I’m notorious for last-minute shopping/making as well. I still don’t have everything I need. Ah! We just watched Elf for the first time. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to actually see it. WTF?

  3. You look A-dorable. Makes me want to snug up in a cozy sweater! And oh, just reading through your recent posts…wish you lived close to me so I could look after your baby for next to nothing (or free!). I always feel bad for people who have to go to work so soon after a baby is born (don’t really know anyone in this circumstance in Canada as we get a year of mat leave). But yes, you’re adorable. And so is your baby!

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