oh sweet friday // vol 21

usually my oh sweet friday post is full of instagram snapshots and links from around the web.

today, however…i’m only sharing two links…

this one and this one

both posts are reminders that there are many ways to give during the holiday season {any season, really.}

it’s easier than you think!
mark and i recently donated clothing and shoes to the salvation army…


the items i’m wearing in this post were purchased at a thrift store that backs the arc foundation of ventura county – a nonprofit organization that supports individuals with developmental disabilities.
{buying second-hand is smart!}

whether you donate food, money, clothing, or your time…it’s important to remember those less fortunate.

enjoy your christmas eve eve!


blouse – vintage, thrift
skirt – vintage, thrift
shoes – jessica simpson


5 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 21

  1. So very true! It’s disturbing and disgusting how much stuff people buy…and then just put it in the trash when they’re done using it. I’m in the process of cleaning out the kids toys…gotta big box about ready to send to GW.

    Love that shirt! Blue looks gorgeous on you!

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