on accessorizing

{…or a lack thereof.}

i know what you’re thinking…i look like a cocktail waitress, don’t i?

yeah well, i threw this outfit together about 10 minutes before i left for work this am.  black skirt, tights, a white blouse…easy.  and while most might consider black and white a blank canvas begging for great accessories, i was at a complete loss.  my collection is lacking and i need help!

so i’m curious… how does one build an amazing collection of accessories?  when is too much… too much?
your thoughts/advice on this are welcome and totally appreciated!

ps. does a cute baby count as an accessory?

aviators – kenneth cole
blouse – UO
skirt – bcbg max azria
tights, shoes – ??


11 thoughts on “on accessorizing

  1. Cute babies are THE BEST accessories.
    (and that’s why Iris and I always have coordinating outfits. AHAHAHAHAHA.)

    We need to Skype again sometime, Mama! Let me know when you’ve got a weekend that’s not too busy or maybe an evening…whatever doesn’t cut into work and baby time! :)

  2. I have a few great basics (namely my engagement ring, diamond and pear studs) and then I throw in a bunch of less expensive, fun pieces. I like to get a piece of jewelry from every place that I visit because they are always nice reminders of fun times. I also tend to lean heavily on necklaces and rings rather than earrings (sensitive ears and when little girl was a baby, she liked to pull) and bracelets (the jingling drives me nuts most of the time).

  3. When I built my collection, I did through buying complete outfits at a time, including the accessories. I also pick up key pieces that I think will go with multiple clothing items like diamond stud earrings, pearls, gold and silver braclets, and funky bold pieces!

  4. I have been growing my collection through always asking for jewelry in my secret santa exchanges and whenever my loved ones travel and ask what they can bring back. These are often some of the best pieces I have.

    I have also found some great pieces at estate and garage sales. These are hidden gold-mines :)

    Last place to find good pieces is etsy. There are an abundance of independent jewelry designers with reasonable prices. And you can often buy a few pieces to save on shipping and get the most bang for your buck.

    In terms of accessorizing outifts, I am a simple girl. I see a lot of blogs where the girls wear a ridiculous amount of bracelets. I cannot do that. I wear a watch and/or one, maybe two, bracelets. Even then, I can’t work with more. I am a lawyer so I am always typing. It is impossible to do that when you have so many pieces clanging against the keyboard.

    So I think you look great and have the perfect accessory :)

  5. I always seriously envy my friends who wear the same accessories no matter the outfit (i.e. bangle/wrist-band /watch stack, same rings, same necklace, only use one bag…). This is what I strive for :D Pity my taste in clothes is way too eclectic for that to happen any time soon.

    Personally, scarves/pashminas are my friends at the moment. Means I can pretend I am wearing a different outfit when in fact I am repeating it several days in a row (oops?).

    You are looking gorgeous lately by the way. Mad love for your hair (and your cute bub).

  6. Your beautiful face and red hair are YOUR accessory Paige! Sometimes you don’t need anything else, to me that is a statement all its own!! You look beautiful and perfectly put together to me, but I am a little bias…..LOL ;)

  7. I don`t know how to accessoirize either… But I do have some necklaces I use sometimes, maybe that`s the best way to start?!
    (I think my little girl is my best accessory too)

    Sooo I think with this outfit you could wear a long necklace with turquoise or a short coral one. Simple chic!

    Some inspiration…;-)…:
    Zeeuwse dracht
    (she is a bit like a Christmas tree, a very colourful one though)


  8. i have a HUGE collection of accessories (shades, jewelry, scarves…you name it, i got it)….but this is what i found w/ baby p around:
    * dainty necklaces are beautiful but fall prey to chubby hands. p has broken 3
    * chunky necklaces are more durable but become a pain when she is trying to cuddle for a nap
    * scarves are awesome. add another dimension to my outfit, cover spit-up stains, can use as a little blankie for p. the bigger the scarf, the better
    * bracelets are also a challenge when holding p. so, i usually stick to my watch + a friendship bracelet
    hope this helps!

  9. Cocktail waitress, no…hot mama, yes! Lately (as in 4 months lately), I’ve been sticking with statement necklaces…ones that don’t interfere with holding baby or nursing (bracelets, rings, and long necklaces are not very baby safe). And many of my pieces are metal…keeping neutral just works for so many things.

    Some of my current favs -http://knockedupfabulous.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/treasure-hunt/

    btw…love the lip color you’re wearing! What is it??

  10. This post is darling and so are you! The first sentence made me laugh haha.

    I think an adorable baby is a perfect accessory to any outfit! I personally don’t have too much jewelry or accessories… whenever I go shopping I tend to focus more on clothing than accessories… oops.

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