thanks, 2011

// january // february // march //

got engaged !
got pregnant !
celebrated my 31st bday and mark’s 32nd
spent a weekend in tahoe with this girl, this girl, this girl, this girl and this girl
taylor started little league
i reopened barefoot & vintage on etsy
i wore a beautiful vintage dress, purchased from merl

// april //

we spent 5 {amazing!} days in florida
shared random facts
contemplated baby names
work got crazy

// may //

26 weeks
disucssed baby bedding
shared my growing belly !
started “oh sweet friday
had a perfect mother’s days

// june //

baseball season ends
i’m craving fruit – especially watermelon
taylor graduates from 5th grade
28, 29, 30, 31 weeks

// july //

i get a prenatal massage and spend a sunny afternoon at the four seasons pool
we have a garage sale
34.5 weeks
excited over 3d images of baby
my baby shower !

// august //

mark and i get MARRIED !
we drive up the coast for a honey/baby moon
the nursery is finally finished !
i spend two weeks relaxing, reading, nesting – preparing for baby’s arrival
ZOEY is born – aug 25th !
taylor starts 6th grade
i dig vintage out of boxes and update the shop
we have our first outing with baby
the laundry piles up …

// september //

my mom and best friend come to visit
baby has colic and drives us nuts
zoey turns 1 month old
i express how thankful i am

// october //

zoey wears her first dress
i share my mommy survival guide
my first bluum box arrives !
mark’s parents and grandmother come to visit
the mister and i have a lunch date – sans baby
i try out the moby wrap… and love it !
taylor goes to his first dance, turns 11, AND gets a cell phone
i make an effort to start getting in shape
baby’s first halloween
zoey turns 2 months
baby sleeps for 7.5 hours !

// november //

i talk about breastmilk, me time, and how baby won’t take a bottle
baby’s first time in bumbo
baby’s first explosive diaper
baby’s first vintage/12 weeks old
we fly to IL for thanksgiving
amazing guest bloggers fill in while i’m away
i hang out with merl and lisa !

// december //

family photo day !
we attend my office christmas party
i start work part-time
baby goes to day care…and it’s not so bad
we go ice skating on christmas eve
taylor tracks santa
baby’s first christmas !

2011 was by far the most exciting, rewarding, love-filled year of my life.
i’m looking forward to what the new year will bring…

cheers to 2012!

xo, paige

ps.  thank you so much for reading my blog…it means a lot to me.  :)


16 thoughts on “thanks, 2011

    • i typed and retyped this post twice, not to mention worked on it over a 3 day period. tahoe made the first draft, sadly…i forgot to add it to the current post. thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  1. Eeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Zoey is so beautiful and her LIPS. Holy smokes her lips are the best. I want to pinch her cheeks and eat her feet all day long.

    Need a babysitter?? I could train her to be my sidekick and then we could become a crime-fighting, private detective duo: Zoë & Zoey Esq.

    I miss you. I’ve been a deadbeat dad of friend and for that, I am sorry. Congratulations on the most beautiful girl on the planet.

  2. Ah! Your baby is SO SO CUTE! What a wonderful family you have! I love your 2011 story! May your 2012 be even more totally awesome!

  3. First time reader here, but WOW what a year you had! Congratulations on your marriage and new addition, Zoey is beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful start to 2012 and may the year bring you many more amazing memories!

  4. I love this post! Such a creative way to lay out your (very busy!) year!!! Kind of funny looking back at your pregnancy announcement and saying you were wishing for a little girl who had red hair. :) I can’t wait to read about your adventures this year!

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