not to complain or anything, but…my life is all kinds of crazy right now.
i’m back to work full-time….which should explain it. 
i really don’t have much time for blogging until i fall into a routine that doesn’t have me running around like a chicken with her head cut off.
but anyway, when i do have “free time”, i don’t necessarily choose blogging, first.  i’d like to go to the gym, read a magazine, hang out with my family, or even…go to bed early. 
how does one find the time?!
on one hand, i’m getting good at multi-tasking…for example – i went home for lunch yesterday and before i ate, i snapped a few photos on the patio.  
{and btw…this outfit looked better in my head.}
more than anything, this post isn’t about the 80’s paper bag pants that give me mom butt.
it’s just me saying hello.  and venting to you that there are simply not enough hours in the day for everything i wish to accomplish. 

i need an assistant. 

tee – target
blazer – UO
trousers – anthropologie
necklace – vintage, thrift
shoes – ??

ps.  in the next several days, i hope to share a recipe, new additions to the shop, my new year’s resolutions, the giveaway winner and photos of the babe. 


9 thoughts on “hello

  1. Um… I don’t have kids and I still didn’t blog for all of December. You’re kind of a superhero, or you have a speed addiction. Either way. XO

  2. There still aren’t enough hours in the day staying home. That is why I still get up at the ass crack of dawn.
    I don’t know how you’re juggling it all with such a wee one….I did it too, but it was so long ago I can’t remember! ;)

  3. Go enjoy the weekend first! Have some me/love/cuddle/sleeptime….

    ps. I (we) don`t expect you to blog daily ;-)

  4. I can’t imagine working full-time, coming home and doing all the domestic stuff, cooking, cleaning, spending time with the kiddos, running the kiddos around, doing the vintage shop … ANNDDD blogging. You’re doing awesome and it’s okay not to blog all the time. I have to tell myself this too. The time will find you when it is right. That’s my pep-talk for the day … BTW, I’m super jealous of your sunshiney California weather. Can I come camp-out in your backyard?

  5. i totally feel you on the not enough hours in the day…BUT, you put me to shame in the blog posting, lady! :) obviously, we want you to blog but we also know that your family and responsibilities come first and foremost. we’re not going anywhere! :) and i am
    really digging the color combination of that blazer with the charcoal trousers! xo

  6. When I visit, i’ll be your assistant!

    Also… I think that the reason I do manage to blog is cuz its a filler that makes me happy between working a job i don’t really enjoy.

    I think when you have other things – like babies! – that are more enjoyable or more important, blogging seems to feel less relevant or important.

  7. well i’m loving this outfit for work- i may have to copy you :) also ditto to everything everyone else already said- you blogged more than me and i hardly have half of what you do on my plate! so props to you lady.

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