right at this moment, i am eating mint truffle kisses and getting a foot massage from my husband.

i can’t really focus on anything, like typing or saying something interesting, because my brain has turned to mush and my fingers have chocolate on them.

sooooooo…hopefully you’ll understand.

happy tuesday.

scarf – UO
tee – jcrew
skirt – vintage


19 thoughts on “1.10.12

  1. 1) i’m jealous, this is the only reason why i would need a boyfriend, to massage my feet and feed me chocolate.
    2) you look freakin cute, i love how you matched your belt to you scarf. adorable paige

    • oh april…he’s not always this “romantic”! tho he used to rub my feet every night after work when i was pregnant. those days are few and far between now. i think he only agreed to it because i let him watch football instead of putting him through another epidose of teen mom 2. lol

    • thanks, terri! i love the sunspots on the lens. and i’m jealous of your snow!! it hasn’t felt like “winter” here yet at all. maybe next month we’ll get some rain and a few cold days. i’m crazy, aren’t i? ;)

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