i’m alive

i’ve had zero time to blog. and zero desire when i do have “free time”. but this post isn’t about telling you how busy i am… it’s just a hello and an update of what we’ve been up to.

{real quick, i’d like to say thank you to those of you who commented on my last post. that you took the time to share words of encouragement, your personal experiences, and advice/thoughts…means a lot to me.}

our week in photos…

1. for about two weeks, zoey had a bit of an infection in her nose – she was congested and had a bloody/booger-y nose. it was affecting her eating and sleeping habits. we’ve since put her on antibiotics and it seems to have cleared up the infection. she’s been sleeping really well, allowing us to get 6 to 7 hours of sleep at a time. and she’ll be 5 months next week…no. way. right?!

2. at the end of last week, we all got really sick – still not sure if it was a stomach bug or food poisoning, but it was horrible. mark and i stayed home from work on friday the 13th – drinking lots of fluids and eating crackers and applesauce. luckily, taylor didn’t get as sick as we did. we’re all better now, though!

3. zoey’s 1st pair of sunnies!

4. new vintage coffee mug.

5. sunday morning hike

6. a nasty run in my favorite tights.

things i didn’t take photos of {you’re welcome}:
*my milk ran dry. it was hard to keep up with the pumping/nursing once i started work full-time. i’m sad that we no longer share that bond, but it was a good run of nursing. i’m proud of us!
*as a result, aunt flo is back {after being gone for over a year.} what a bitch. she zapped my energy and made me feel like a zombie all week.
*our christmas decorations are still up. as is our tree. don’t judge…i’ll get to it.
*i attempted to paint my nails the other day, but only had time to finish one. i’ve been walking around with a lilac pinky all week. add the skyscraper shaped run in my tights and i’m a hot mess.

ahhhh…the life of a working mom.

my goal is to start posting again on a regular basis, but we’ll see.
life is happening at 100 mph.

thanks for stopping by!
i hope you’re all doing well.



7 thoughts on “i’m alive

  1. Wow, awesome job on the nursing, Mama! I work from home so I’m able to still feed her on-demand but have had my own issues w/supply in the evenings (Vera powerhouses milk at night). I also get frustrated w/not having my body to myself. But you know what? I’ve almost made it 6 months and that is huge, considering how it didn’t work out w/my son. Also, my nail polish is chipping off and I have no nail polish remover. I’ve been walking around like this for weeks! No time. No time!

  2. Well done, mama! You and Z did a fabulous job, and you should feel great about it! I’m glad to hear she’s doing better, too!

  3. oh man. when aunt flo came to visit after having isaiah, i broke a window. yeah. i was THAT out of control. so glad you got through that first time :) and even if you’re a mess, you are still hot! so when we going on a girls trip?????

  4. oh that first picture of zoey is so fun! and i just got my christmas tree and decorations down last weekend and that is only because i had to do it because we are moving! no judging here!!

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