just the two of us

mark’s working late and zoey’s asleep, so taylor and i are spending quality time together.
we ordered pizza, i bribed him to rub my shoulders and then we talked about stuff…
like my hair needing a trim, tattoos, zoey learning to talk, mark’s celebrity sightings in malibu, little league, recurring dreams, and that cooking with bone marrow sounds gross even if it is covered in cheese {chopped was on.}

scintillating, i know.

i tried my hardest to find out if he likes any girls at school, but he gets so irritated with me…

maybe it’s best if i don’t know.  i can’t handle tattoos and girls in one night, anyway.

scarf – missoni for target
blouse – UO
skirt – vintage, thrift
purse – vintage coach, thrift
pumps – j simpson


12 thoughts on “just the two of us

  1. You look beautiful!!! I bet Taylor really enjoyed HIS time with Mom, for so long it was just the 2 of you so I’m sure it meant alot to him! Lauren is right that scarf is perfect for you! Love You, Mom ;)

  2. ha! we watch chopped all the time :) i can only imagine how special those moments with taylor are now. so glad you got to spend some quiet time with him! and get a shoulder rub!!

  3. Well helloooooooo hot stuff!
    You always look so damn cute. And when the light hits your hair… ok this is getting way too sappy. you’re hot.

    bone marrow covered in cheese? excuse me while i go gag.

  4. how did i miss this post?! that skirt is so great! stylish and work appropriate done perfectly! and you know i’m a sucker for a 70’s vibe! so glad you and taylor are getting some quality time together…i’m sure those times are harder to find now that you’ve added little zoey and work is full-swing. i’m sure it makes those conversations so much sweeter! :)

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