recent thrift finds

on a recent trip to ventura, we stopped at a couple of our favorite thrift shops. 
one in particular has a “vintage” section that i pounce on as soon as we walk through the doors.  and although it seems that most thrift stores have become privy to our love of vintage and decided to take advantage by hiking up their prices…this one sells vintage at ridiculously low prices {in comparison.  ahem, goodwill!} 
anyway, mark was on the hunt for vintage bowls to feed baby from and found a set of corningware cups – score!
i found a vintage baby sweater, a dope pair of high waist quasi-denim pants, one of the raddest leather bags i’ve ever seen, and this adorable mirrored-painting artwork thingy for zoey’s room. 
good haul.  i left happy, for sure. 

i’m hoping for another thrift trip soon, but in the meantime, i’ll be updating the shop tonight!
{please check it out if you haven’t in awhile…you may find something you like…}

barefoot & vintage on etsy


9 thoughts on “recent thrift finds

  1. love those cups, so cute!

    it’s funny, because where i live goodwill is SO CHEAP. I got a vintage wool pendleton suit for $2.50 a couple weeks ago. But, when I was in SF over the summer it was so crazy expensive i was in shock. i guess it depends where you are, odd.

    • it’s unfortunate, really. but i’m only mad because they’re on to people like me. i used to frequent a st vincent depaul in la and one day they had a rack of GORGEOUS vintage dresses. i was so excited, i was salivating (not true.) upon closer inspection, the prices were like $50-$75 per dress. i was PISSED!

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