a little favor, please

i know, right?  two posts in one day.  who do i think i am?

well, zoey and taylor and i have a favor to ask…

you see, our little blog is in the running to be one of circle of moms top 25 fashion & beauty blogs!

sooooo…since it’s my birthday month and you probably don’t know what to get me, maybe you can just vote for bf+v once a day, every day until the 28th at 5 pm pst?  i mean, that sounds reasonable, right?

if not, i may have to send my goon, zoey…just look at that stink eye!  gangsta.

**please click here, scroll down until you find us {we’re currently at #49.  we can do better!}, then click the thumbs up icon!

{ps. as far as i know, you don’t have to register or belong or give your email address or anything…which is nice.}

hey, thanks for voting!!


8 thoughts on “a little favor, please

  1. I voted my sweet! Wouldn’t want that little stink eyed darlin to kick my butt! Oh. . . She is just the Cutest, sweetest little thing. I miss you pretty lady. Good luck! I’ll keep voting. And happy soon to be birthday!!

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