we don’t need another hero

i’m in a rut.  my closet needs to be updated in a major way and my hips need to slim down so i can fit into my pre-preg work trousers.  lately, i’ve found my day-to-day {office appropriate} outfits to be hit or miss.  i’m either reaching for something comfortable and easy {which often lacks color and creativity} or i’m putting outfits together in my head, only to be sadly disappointed because…it looked better in my head.  le sigh#whitegirlproblems

this outfit, although thrown together in haste, is clearly all about the shoulders.  as soon as i put it on and looked in the mirror, i felt a little like tina turner in mad max beyond thunderdome.  look
{as you can see, i left my cleavage and mini bow and arrow at home.}

so after many shoulder-related compliments, i decided that every woman should own at least one top or blazer with pointy or ruched shoulders.  my {style} two cents for the day. 

{ps.  i’m being silly in the third photo because who do i think i am in the 2nd?}

oh!  and thankyouthankyouthankyou for voting yesterday!!  we’re at #19!  please vote again, today!  i’ve added a button in the sidebar OR click here.

thanks!  have a lovely day! 


top – target
skirt – bcbg max azria via rue la la
tights/pumps – ??


11 thoughts on “we don’t need another hero

  1. that top looks great on you! i’m always afraid to wear things with lots of shoulder detailing because i have rather strong shoulders, but i should do it. it looks great!


    p.s. love the 3rd pic

  2. your so adorable. i love silly photos :) and that top is a def must have :)
    i like to spice up my ‘boring office fits’ with accessories :) in my hair, a little bling, gold and silver to offset my plain gray and black.
    have fun with it and get silly :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean about a style rut – at 33 weeks I’m absolutely dying to get into non-pregnancy clothes, but have no idea what size I’m going to be afterwards! I love the top, shoulder statements are great!

  4. Oh, I am so with you, on both the postpartum closet and the shoulders. I’m not even sure I had pants that I really liked on me before I got pregnant, so it’s a pretty hot mess in that department these days. But, we’ll rally!

    The shoulders, though, are fabulous. I have fairly broad shoulders, and I used to be really self-conscious about them…until I discovered tops that accented their boldness. SO, So fun.

    (not for nothing, you look fabulous! hope all is well with you, mark, taylor and little z!)

  5. Hips or not you are one hot mama! But I know how you are feeling ~ I have been busting my ass, starving half to death the past few weeks and feel like nothing is fitting any differently. Sucks ass frankly.
    You know what else sucks ass? Getting old. But there’s no diet or exercise for that….

  6. I love this look! I am a sucker for any shirt with exaggerated sleeves, and I’m super jealous you found this one at Target!

    Hope you get to go shopping soon! Sounds like you have the perfect excuse (not that you need one… )

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