hello, hello.  thursday is teasing us, eh?  how did this week fly by so fast?  i swear, as soon as you have kids, your life turns into a schedule of diaper changes and feedings, baseball practice and counting down to the next “break”…but you know how it is…we’re all busy these days.  kids or no kids. 

speaking of kids, i’m totally wearing my son’s blazer in these photos.  it’s a little tight in the arms and there are mysterious stains on the sleeves and lapels, but who cares …it is literally the perfect shrunken blazer.  i didn’t have to search for months in the kid’s section at the thrift store or give in and buy an over-priced version from anthropologie.  i stole it from my 11-year-old.  don’t be jealous.  and don’t go having a kid solely to steal his/her clothes. 

ps.  i don’t think i’ve mentioned it yet, but back in november, mark bought me a nikon d5100 dslr.  woo!  but i’m like “duh” every time i look at it.  i’ve been meaning to read the manuals and watch the dvd that comes with it, but i always choose to spend my weekends catching up on trashy tv and running all over town.  emily was kind enough to give me some pointers, but i believe there’s a lot more that i need to learn.  please bear with me as i transition from the ease of mark’s point and shoot…to the amazing-ness that is slr.  and if you have any pointers or tips…please share!

one more thing.  you guys are awesome.  because of your votes, i’ve managed to stay in the top 25 over at circle of moms!  in fact, i’ve been holding steady between spots 11 and 12…fun!  there are so many creative and amazing moms out there in blogland…i’m honored to be a part of this circle.  please continue voting…there are only 13 more days left. 

blazer – borrowed from my son
lace dress – nordstrom
necklace – UO
tights, shoes – ?


9 thoughts on “2.16.12

  1. SHUT UP. that is NOT taylor’s blazer!! you brilliant little minx. isaiah has a really cute brown cord blazer that i may just try on later……………but in other news, i love love love that dress!!! so pretty. and i am now having to learn a dslr. i mean, i had one. but now i have a REAL one. it’s so amazingly complicated.

  2. My favorite blazer is a Ralph Lauren little boys’ blazer. LUCKY that you have it right in T’s closet! Ha.

    And. I. Mean. I can’t get over your hair. It’s always been pretty, but I’m absolutely, definitely, positive that it’s even prettier now. If that’s possible.

  3. seriously Paige, that hair. i swear it made me want to grow mine out and dye red when i saw you Friday at lunch. p.s. can’t believe a whole week has passed by, feels like yesterday.

    p.s. i vote every time i remember ;)

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