solid as a rock

from a very young age, taylor has loved rocks.  he’d come home from school, dig his hands deep into his pockets and pull out fistfuls of rocks and pebbles.  he’d stand there, waiting for me to accept these gifts, a smile on his face, a look of pride in his eyes.  because these weren’t just any rocks.  oh no.  taylor would sit in the dirt at school and “hand-pick” only the prettiest of rocks…sometimes they were big, sometimes they were small, but they were always colorful and interesting.  i’d find rocks in his pockets, at the bottom of the washer, on the kitchen table, and in his bed.  i smile to myself because i associate this act with his younger years…when his hands were still pudgy and small, his hugs were the tightest, and we giggled about silly things.  …i’m getting teary-eyed, as sometimes it feels that those days are getting fewer and farther between.  however, a couple of weeks ago, after spending the night at a buddy’s house, taylor got in the car, handed me this rock and said with nonchalance, “it’s shaped like a heart.”  and even though the delivery wasn’t at all like that of his 4-year-old self…the meaning was still there – this is our thing.  this is what we do.  i can’t imagine that he’ll be handing me rocks when he’s 35, but…maybe.  and it dawned on me, in that two second exchange, that it doesn’t matter how busy we get or how many times we don’t see eye to eye and that even though mommy is no longer exclusively his…he loves me, we still have this bond.  and it’s solid.   

*side note:  obviously my son loves me, there’s no question about it;  however, if you have kids my son’s age, you know that they don’t say it or show it as often.  so when an exchange like this happens, as simple or silly as it sounds, it means a lot!

i’ll be back tomorrow with an “oh sweet friday – saturday edition” post.  until then…have a lovely friday!

and ps… you know what to do!  wink, wink


4 thoughts on “solid as a rock

  1. I was so touched by this post. We are collectors of rocks at our house. Once, years ago, my oldest step son pointed out to me that every rock is unique. He’s right. Treasure this.

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