steppin out

i love long weekends.  yesterday we went shopping and today we’re doing things around the house.  tomorrow…something family-ish.  we’re thinking maybe we’ll head to the beach, have a picnic or something.  3 day weekends should be the standard!  who’s with me?  ps. did you notice that the tree is more in focus than i am?  haha.  yeah…still working on figuring out my camera…bear with me.

anyway, i’m super excited about the new goodies i purchased yesterday.  i’ve been telling you that i need to update my wardrobe and i think i bought some really great, versatile pieces.  can’t wait to share!

also, i linked up with mandy’s steppin’ out saturday!  this woman is hilarious and her daugher is absolutely adorable.  check out her blog!

blazer, blouse – UO
skinny jeans – local boutique
scarf – vintage, thrift
brogues – aldo
necklaces – flea market, UO

as always…thanks for voting!


10 thoughts on “steppin out

  1. oh i love this!!!! you wear a scarf better than anyone else i know. serious. and i am also trying to figure out a new camera. those things are pretty tricky little buggers. i def feel for you. and i hope you have an amazing time tomorrow. i vote for the beach!! that’s where i’d be :)

  2. Hey, lady! Lovely colors here! I’m all for always having 3-day weekends! I’d gladly take longer work days Tuesday to Friday so that Monday could be off. Enjoy your time off!

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