this baby…

…will be 6 months old on saturday.  {can you freakin’ believe it?!}

…is finally rolling over from front to back and occasionally from back to front.  but only when she feels like it.

…has started eating solids.  so far we’ve tried bananas and pears.  she loves pears.

…is kinda/sorta sitting up on her own !

…has a teeny tiny little tooth lying in wait…

…drools all the time.  on everything.

…screeches and screams and squeals when she wants something.  or doesn’t.

…is daddy’s girl.  already.

…thinks her brother is the funniest person on the planet.

…is silly and fun.

…has the sweetest smile.  and it totally melts our hearts.

…is totes rockin’ her pink chucks.

…wants you to vote for our blog, please.  pretty please.  thank you!

ps.  to new moms and moms-to-be…i highly recommend having prune juice and pediatric glycerin suppositories on hand.  poor miss zoey was extremely constipated on sunday night and we weren’t prepared.  it was hell.  heed my warning, mamacitas!


7 thoughts on “this baby…

  1. BIGGEST CUTIE EVER! Can’t believe she is 6 months. And IRIS IS ONE. CRAZY. Went so fast, didn’t it?! Glad we’ve been able to chat mama-talk all this time.

    P.S. I’m going to try to send you an email later today…
    P.P.S. LOVE the new look.

  2. she’s such a doll! i love her pink chucks! she obviously has her mama’s sense of style :) and i am seriously digging the new blog layout! that header=badass!

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