throwin’ elbows

elbow patches.  fleeting, hipster trend?  maybe, but i like.  and when i saw this little semi-cropped sweater, hanging on the rack like a king size snickers in the grocery store checkout line, i had to have it.  it was an impulse buy for sure…if you notice, the patches don’t even cover my elbows properly.  i mean, who was this sweater made for?  t-rex? 

sweater, skirt – f21 // bag – vintage, flea market find // necklace – UO // flats – target

tgif!  enjoy your weekend.

and if you don’t mind…please vote!  {voting ends on the 28th.}  because of you, bf+v is holding steady in the top 10.  so thank you!


11 thoughts on “throwin’ elbows

    • i have a confession to make…the other day, i got so ticked at my lack of photography skillz, that i switched over to automatic. *hangs head in defeat*
      and yeah, the weather has been pretty rad here, lately. you should just move here. i bet you could live with ava and jaimee.

  1. oh man, i love me some elbow patches!!! and you rock a midi skirt like a boss. fur realz. and don’t even get me started on you hair. okay. i obvs need to come for a visit.

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