there’s this “10 things about me” type chain post going around today so i thought i’d give it a whirl.  requirements:  post photo of myself {like i don’t have a million of those to choose from}, share 10 random things, then answer the 10 questions that mandy is dying to know about me.  me me me.  geez.

here goes…


ten things about me…

i’m going to cop-out and send you here, as i am not good at this…talking about myself thing.  {ha ha. HA.}

on to the questions!

1.  have you ever met someone famous?  yes.  heather locklear {at a tanning salon}, dane cook in the stairwell of a comedy club.  {i told him he was funny.  duh.}, kelly kapoor at a dirty projectors concert.  {read that post.}, and ronald macdonald.  i was like 5.  he loomed over me at what seemed like 10 feet tall and exclaimed in that silly clown voice, “we have the same color hair!”  i cried. 

2.  what is your happiest childhood memory?  celebrating christmas!  getting dressed up in a velvet-y dress, my mom curling my hair, running around grandma’s house with my cousins, opening presents, eating yummy food…

3.  favorite album of all time?  this is really hard!  august and everything after by counting crows {circa 1993.}  i love every. single. song. on that album.  and i know all the words.

4.  are you a salty or sweet lover?  salt

5.  what is your favorite guilty pleasure tv show or movie?  jerseylicious

6.  describe your favorite sandwich.  easy!  thinly sliced prosciutto ham with camembert cheese, fresh melon and arugula, served on a french baguette. 

7.  what was your first pet?  i vaguely remember {i was young} my dad having a giant sheep dog named duchess. 

8.  what is your biggest accomplishment thus far in life?  can i say my kids?  because they are amazing and being a parent is hard, in my book.  *pats self on back*  and mom, you were right.  about everything you ever said. 

9.  what is the first blog you started reading?  second skin style.  christina became one of  my really good “irl” friends.  sadly, she’s no longer blogging. 

10.  if you had to choose one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be?  strawberry shortcake!

there ya have it! 

…and today’s the last day to vote over at circle of mom’s!  if you wanna…click here.  xoxo


14 thoughts on “10

  1. What was that you said in #8? I didn’t “hear” it very well the first time….Ha, Ha! A Mother always likes to see these things and you will too, one day….Thank You, it’s nice to be acknowledged every now and then. LU!

    I Liked reading all the “facts” about you…. ;)

  2. #3. Love that album. My bro-in-law is really into music and my goal is to get him to love some of my favorites. He is a bit too young to have gotten into Counting Crows but after making him listen to August and Everything After, and Recovering the Satelites, he was hooked.

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