oh sweet friday // vol 27

{i’ve been working on my photography skillzzz.}

this week…

guess what?!  bf+v ended up #9 in the circle of moms top 25 fashion & beauty blogs!  hurray!  thanks to everyone who voted.  {but mostly, thank you for putting up with me asking everday.}

taylor had his first little league game on wednesday.  they lost miserably and it was so so so cold.  better luck next time, padres! 

around the web…

* being a newbie in the world of photography, i’m looking forward to joining and utilizing this online community !

* why cetaphil is the devil – gah!  i used to use that stuff!

* any food item with the word lemon in it, has my vote. 

* this post made me chuckle.  it’s how i feel felt about the color pink…

* i need this spring collection from essie.

happy friday…have a good one!



8 thoughts on “oh sweet friday // vol 27

  1. i love all the many faces of zoey! her personality is really starting to show :) and i am super impressed with your photography skills…looks like you’re staying busy! xo

    • awww…thanks, cayce. she really is starting to develop a fun personality…she’s got some spunk, that’s for sure. i’m having a lot of fun with the new camera! there’s so much to learn, but the more i practice, the easier it gets.

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