saturday was filled with little league happenings…pancake breakfast, team photos, practice, and opening day ceremonies.

it was about 75 degrees, but felt like 85 in the sun.  i have a farmer’s tan on one arm to prove it. 

of course i lugged our camera with us, so that i could document our day at the ballpark.  i took many many photos, but thought i’d spare you hundreds of shots of my adorable family and only share a few of my faves. 

and in case you’re wondering, i used an app called super retrolove. it.

ps.  the first two photos were not taken with the dslr.  i used my iphone.

happy monday!


8 thoughts on “saturday

  1. Looks like you had a busy weekend, love your photos. I got my pants in the mail today, love them. They fit me perfectly- they were meant for me. I will be wearing them in a future post.

  2. The pictures look great! Enjoy that sun, but next time you better put on some SPF…don’t make me get on my soapbox about us reds in the sun…lol ; )

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