last night…

 …mark had to attend a work event and didn’t get home until after 10 pm. 

this is how the afternoon/evening went…


then i made a cup of honey chamomile tea and sat on the couch.

and for a solid hour, i had the tv to myself.  i watched the bachelor in all it’s “most controversial season ever” glory.  without unnecessary comments from the peanut gallery mark or his annoyed eye rolls. 

it was awesome.  it was worth the craziness.

ps.  sometimes it’s okay when husbands have to work late.


11 thoughts on “last night…

  1. ha, i was in the same boat last night. though he was home, he was working on a freelance project all night in the other room. i was able to watch unlimited amounts of real housewives online without the “how do you watch this garbage?” questions. lovely.

  2. not that my relationship was normal but I used to LOVE having the place to myself to play MY music and watch terrible television. Oh and make a mess without picking it up right away.
    Now I do that every day. Haha. A little bit of pressure to clean up would probably do me some good now but I can watch the LOTR movies every day if I really wanted to.

    • gone are the days i used to go out on friday nights, sleep in on saturday, get a mani/pedi because i could, spend all day sunday on the couch watching bad scifi channel horror flicks…GONE! sigh. but i love my little family. they drive me bonkers some days, but i’d be sad if they weren’t around. and ps. i had to google the acronym LOTR. seriously.

  3. glad you got to have some time like this to yourself! it’s so necessary. i imagine even more so when you have a husband and kids. it’s just lil’ ol me around here and i have to take at least a day that’s all mine a week.

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