{hiking, bath time, baby toes, blue skies, work, etc.}

i promise…i like my other kid too, but every time i direct the camera at him, he gets all crazy and makes the nastiest of faces or rolls his eyes at me and walks away.  zoey has no choice.  but i suspect she’s rolling her eyes at me, too…internally.  it’s what kids do.


6 thoughts on “lately

  1. i was a professional eye roller during my formative teen years…it comes with the territory! :)
    life for you looks busy…but happy! that girl of yours is such a doll! xo

  2. I wish I could look that good with a side braid! Love it!

    In response to your question about baby signing, I didn’t start Evelyn until she turned 1. I got her the first volume of baby signing times and she LOVES it. It took her about 3 weeks until she could sign milk, cracker and dog. Recently she’s picked up dad and bird. I think introducing it around 12-14 months is a good age to start, so you’ve got time :)

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