easter weekend.

saturday:  mark made carrot baby food in the baby breeza // taylor washed my car // we took a trip to the local farmer’s market – i’m obsessed with radishes these days! // a constipated + teething baby got a relaxing bath. 

sunday:  we spent some time in the sun – picnicking and making new friends.  say hello to jimmy the snail. // zoey was quite miserable – growing a tooth is no joke, people – so we spent most of the day keeping her mind off the pain.  it was amazing when she finally fell asleep.  ah-mazing.  like, an easter miracle, really.  because the night before…she was up every hour or so.  not pictured:  we colored easter eggs, had an easter egg hunt for taylor, visited with nonnie + papa and ate a delicious easter ham with a side of sweet potato. 

i haven’t been blogging because it hasn’t seemed important.  there have been so many life things going on.  parenting things.  financial things.  digging deeper things…  you guys, taylor got in major trouble with mark and i – lying (twice!) and…stealing…from a store.  which i’m so embarrassed to admit because it makes me feel like you might get all judgy and wonder what kind of mother i am or where i went wrong.  because hell…i wondered where i went wrong.  i’m so disappointed and totally bummed out.  he’s super mega grounded.  we took every single one of his toys out of his room.  they are sitting in bins in the garage.  and he’s not allowed to watch tv or movies or play video games.  i think he learned his lesson…i hope.  he’s a good kid.  he just made a few wrong decisions.  i’m sure it won’t be the last time.  cringe.

and then there’s zoey.  she’s trying to crawl!  she’s teething.  she’s constipated sometimes.  her nose is stuffy and runny and she has a cough.  so yeah…she’s been cranky at times and not sleeping well.  which means we don’t sleep well either. 

not to mention…i had a nasty sinus infection that eff’d me up for over a week.  i ended up home from work for about 3 days.  it wasn’t fun. 

so here i am!  blogging about why i haven’t been blogging.  haha. 

that’s all i got for now…

cheers to the weekend!


12 thoughts on “easter weekend.

  1. I think all kids try shoplifting, and some get caught. It is not a reflection of your parenting, Paige! It seems to me like kids have no concept of consequence so they have to learn it, little by little by little. I know I did!

  2. glad to see you are all ok with a few little regular life bumps. i think every kid steals at some point in their life and i think you acted on it quickly and the right way. have a great weekend!

  3. oh, paige…it seems like you’ve had quite a rough patch as of late. i think taylor is just stretching his limits and being a teenager. i don’t think it reflects your parenting in any way! i have really great supportive parents and that still didn’t stop my brother and i from putting them though teenage hell. hang in there, lady!!!

  4. oh man, p! it’s not a reflection of you or your parenting. as kim said, it’s just a phase kids go through – testing boundaries, acting out, etc. still, it’s not a fun phase to have to deal with as a parent. i know what i put my poor parents through in my teens…sheesh! hang in there!!!! oxoxoxo

  5. I stole chapstick once… I felt so bad I threw it out after but still… Looks like your kid and I are in a bad ass club.
    Also, I know this post was from a while ago but your spring break story made me giggle… a lot…. I didn’t comment then because when I comment on my phone, my comments look like they are from a second grader…
    Anyways, hope things settle down for you… xox

  6. It’s so good to hear from you! Parenting is one freaking tough job! And it’s much harder when you’re all sick and sleep deprived…don’t forget to take care of yourself, mama

  7. i wondered where you were! sounds like things have been tense. i think ‘real’ people appreciate your honesty and i’m sure most kids have probably stolen a time or two so definitely no need to feel embarrassed. and poor little zoey with her flushed cheeks. she looks so cute but so miserable at the same time. those damn teeth!

  8. Aww. Don’t worry about your son. You’re NOT a bad mother. He’s just a kid testing out boundaries. I stole something stupid from a store once when I was about 12 and I felt horrible about it. I bet he does too. Kids are kids. You’re doing the right thing by letting him know how NOT ok it is. GOod luck with everything. You’ll be fine!

    <3 A

  9. Dude, Baby Z is pretty much the cutest little ginger I’ve ever seen. Please give her to me immediately…or at least let me hug her 100 times.

    So glad life is going well and you four are having fun making a life together. :)

    • thank you so much, emily. :) we are having fun…of course, life is not without its challenges, eh?
      you WILL get to hug her one of these days. i promise!

  10. Life gets crazy! I’m sure you are a great mom. If it makes you feel any better, I know of very many well functioning adults who shoplifted at some point when they were younger. I’ve been considering going back to blogging, but not sure if I will have the time. Zoey is such a cutie! It just bums me out when sweet little babies aren’t feeling well and you can’t help but turn into a grouchy parent from lack of sleep :(

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