earth day

yesterday, we attended the malibu library reopening ceremony/farmer’s market/earth day festivities.  and although it was a bit chilly and overcast, we enjoyed lots of yummy food and entertainment – all while learning about and celebrating our lovely earth!

thought i’d share some photos!

our state flower – the california poppy

the grand opening of the malibu library was the main event – complete with celebrity guests, entertainment, and a tour of the newly renovated library.

look at these gorgeous mushrooms!

taylor’s dragon tattoo

we enjoyed informational booths about composting, recycling, water quality, and my personal fave – a booth about the history of the adamson house and the movie colony.  the photos were amazing!

a walk around malibu’s legacy park.

we ended the day with a delicious cheesecake caramel apple from the farmer’s market.  {purchase online, here!}



6 thoughts on “earth day

  1. first off – that apple looks delish! secondly, you look great! and finally… is that tank the little steal you got when were were in santa monica? I could only see the bottom trim, but i’m good like that.

    love your little fam. :)

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