weekend // via instagram

outfit by daddy

saturday morning chai

love love love

at t’s baseball game

tank – urban outfitters // skirt – nordstrom // purse – vintage coach
sunnies – kenneth cole

sandals – nordstrom

this silly girl puts her foot in the snack container…instead of her hand.

ordering in on saturday night.  because who wants to cook?!

sunday morning on the patio.  why yes, i am wearing flannel pajama bottoms!

within just a few short days, miss z has learned to clap, shake her head no-no, wave
and has finally started crawling forward.  hooray for my big girl!

more on this outfit tomorrow.  

we had such a great weekend!  hope yours was great, too.  

oh…two things…

1.  you can find me on instagram under aka_paige.  let’s be instapals!
2.  i have a new tumblr blog.  check it out!


7 thoughts on “weekend // via instagram

  1. SEE?! There you go. Told ya that this month is crazy in terms of them suddenly doing all of these crazy big girl things overnight. However, Z has now pulled ahead because V has not done ANY of those mentioned. Not. Even. Close. She is so cute! I love her hair. Love love love. And I’m very insanely jealous of your morning California patio. Mew.

    • oh man…8 months has been challenging! she’s is sassy all of a sudden. like…stubborn sassy. she’s already trying to act like she’s 13 and can do everything by herself. but it’s pretty amazing, watching her learn all this stuff. i wish it didn’t go by so fast. :(
      ps. why don’t you just pack up the kids and the dude and head out to socal? hmmmmm?

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