the style // pleats + lace

lace top – nordstrom // tube top – urban outfitters // skirt + shoes – f21 // sunnies – kenneth cole

look at me in my big girl shoes!  when i put them on, mark grinned and said, “you’re totally going to fall on your face.”  well i didn’t.  i may have teetered a bit several times, but i regained my balance and acted like it never happened.

nothing like the support of your husband. 

so sunday, i attended a girlfriend’s baby shower.  and on such a lovely day – lots of sunshine and warm temps!  it was nice to get dressed up, drink champagne and hang out with adults. 

also, i kinda miss my baby bump… 

{i must be crazy.}


23 thoughts on “the style // pleats + lace

    • you really know how to make a girl blush. ;)
      lately, i’m working on a beer gut. doesn’t sound as glamorous as a wine bump.

  1. OMG that SKIRT??!!!!! The fact that you miss your baby bump is so funny, because looking at this, I can’t wait to no longer have mine so I can wear cute outfits again! Well that, and have my baby already!

  2. whoa. you look amazing!!!!! your smile in that second photo is total brilliance.
    and are you getting the fever again?!?!?!?!!!!!!! yours was one of the cutest baby bumps i’ve ever seen. just sayin’ :)

    • thanks!! sorta, kinda…but not really. if anything, we’ve just talked about if we want another or not. and if we do…when’s the best time. who knows! i liked being pregnant…that’s what i miss. however, being pregs WITH a little one, might be a totally different experience. ;)

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